Post-bathtime-meditation Ponderings About Change

San Francisco Tea GardenA desire to change routine is not enough to create change, but it’s a start in the right direction. If one truly wants to manifest change in their lives, they need to have the willingness to take action. Then they need to understand that whatever obstacle that prevents them from reaching this change only exists because they let it. This could mean taking responsibility for everything, such as bad habits and toxic relationships, that one lets into their life and deciding if these things actually benefit one’s life or not.

I currently have a bad habit in my life that I think is holding me back from being my true, healthy self. I take responsibility for how it negatively affects my life and my health. I need to have a conversation with the people in my life that perpetuate this bad habit, and hope that they understand why I now choose not to do it anymore. I need to identify my triggers and replace this habit with a good habits (I’m going to choose a cup of dandelion tea or a small workout). I’ve wanted to change for a while now, but that isn’t enough to create that change. My willingness to take action and take responsibility for what I’ve let hold me back from change is pushing me in the right direction.

Don’t you just love the healing thoughts that can come from a nice, relaxing bath? My best meditations and realizations have come after I’ve had a nice healing bath. This time I put chamomile, lavender, and epsom salts in my bath. The relaxation properties of chamomile and lavender mixed with the detoxing benefits of epsom salts left me in a complete state of calm. I feel like I can take on the world and all my bad habits…but maybe after a good nights rest. 🙂


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