Confession: Spaghetti Squash Failed Me, Once Again

Crunchy, orange, and a constant disappointment, Spaghetti Squash continues to ruin my hopes and dreams of a pasta replacement. I’m sure most wellness-foodie-blogger-angels love to strum their harps of enthusiasm about this plump orange-yellow cucurbit, but I am not one of them. When I think of spaghetti squash, I think of all the times I have shaken my fist at the heavens for once again giving into the fad of making spaghetti squash, and being utterly bummed-out by its dissatisfying flavor and texture. For those of you beautiful souls, who have yet to try spaghetti squash, I really don’t want to discourage you from experimenting with it because some people actually do love it. I just believe someone needs to stand up and say “Hey, this isn’t actually as great as everyone makes it out to be!”. As someone who can’t eat the usual wheat-gluten-high-glycemic variety of pasta, when I found out that there was a plant-based, gluten-free, made-of-squash pasta replacement, I’m sure you can imagine how excited I was to try it. But even after the multitude of ways I attempted to cook this “spaghetti” squash, it still never lived up to my expectations. I tried baking it, microwaving it, frying it in a pan, baking AND frying it, and still it never came out to a texture that was worth replacing pasta with. I even tried the ever-so-popular way to that my favorite blog, Empowered Sustenance, posted, where you slice the squash and put it on a baking sheet. If I even remotely enjoyed spaghetti squash, this would be the recipe I would recommend.

My dislike of spaghetti squash really brought me to question if it’s even worth finding a pasta/spaghetti replacement in general. One of the things I learned when I first went Paleo was that there are so so so many delicious alternative foods out there that eventually you don’t really want pasta anymore. If you’ve ever been that unfortunate gluten-intolerant/celiac person that gave into the temptation of eating something filled with wheat and gluten just because of how delicious it looked (hey hey don’t look at me that way! It happens to the best of us, okay?!), you’ll know that 93.7% of the time it’s just not worth it. Gluten/wheat just doesn’t taste the same when you’ve gone so long without eating it, and, frankly, it just doesn’t taste good anymore. So, why do we spend so much time looking for things to replace foods that just don’t taste as good anymore? Well, spaghetti squash was a huge contributor to this realization. Regular pasta doesn’t taste that good and neither does spaghetti squash, so lets just eat something else! I would so much rather eat a baked sweet potato covered in chili and topped with avocado and veggies!

So, now I’ve told you how I feel about spaghetti squash. Now you know. Do what you want with this information. Maybe you’ll still go and try spaghetti squash, and if so, I wish you the best of luck! Maybe you full-heartedly agree with me and we can even make an anti-spaghetti squash club and make t-shirts to match. Either way, spaghetti squash is a great concept, just not for everyone!

Here’s a shitty iphoto-editted, photobooth selfie I took of a terrible drawing showing how I feel about spaghetti squash.

Say NO to Spaghetti Squash


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