Meditation On My Meals I

Meditation On My Meals I

While this week exhausted me, it also was blessed with a couple days of sunny weather. I even got to wear Chacos (shush all you chaco haters out there)! By the weekend, I just wanted to hibernate in my cozy bed with a gigantic cup of tea and scroll through all the meme groups that I have for some ungodly reason decided to add myself to on Facebook. I achieved my goal, besides the constant dread of Sunday (aka today) arriving where I would force myself to sit down for a circulation-destroying number of hours to complete my assignments for the next week. And here I am on Sunday, still procrastinating, by writing a blog post. Whoa whoa, don’t judge me for procrastinating! You know you’re probably procrastinating right now too! In my defense I did make a commitment to sharing my meals with you. Anyways, today I procrastinated by screenshoting scenes from the movie The Love Witch (2016), which was fabulous btw, for reaction pictures for my twitter (as seen below).

Sunday, February 19, 2017

two slices of my homemade paleo coconut almond bread, a hard boiled egg, citrus olive oil, touch of salt


“Young people are cynical about love. Ultimately, cynicism is the great mask of the disappointed and betrayed heart”

-Bell Hook, All About Love

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