Lets Take A Moment To Forgive Ourselves

Lets Take A Moment To Forgive Ourselves

I struggle to forgive myself in the moment and I’m creating a practice of openly forgiving myself through journaling. But for those who also struggle to forgive themselves, I encourage you to join me in this practice. I find that when I forgive myself, whether it sounds silly to you or to someone else doesn’t matter, I have the space to move forward in my life. It could even be “I, Amanda, forgive myself for eating that cookie that I knew was just going make my stomach upset and crash a couple hours later”. It’s a time to be open with yourself and see how you feel without judgment. Start with listing 5 things you choose to forgive yourself for right now. Each line will start with “I forgive myself for…” and then you choose the rest of the statement.

Here’s mine today:

I forgive myself for not forgiving myself for so long.

I forgive myself for not listening to my body.

I forgive myself for struggling to feel my feelings.

I forgive myself for procrastinating on the things I found important to me.

I forgive myself for following the paths of those who are not me and allowing those paths to dominate my thoughts of myself. 

The words we speak to ourselves hold power. I’ve recently been resonating with the idea that we create our realities and our conversations with ourselves are really conversations with the universe. For example, I took this selfie featured in this post while laying on my boyfriends floor definitely having a conversation with the universe that really wasn’t serving me (but I thought the picture was kind of funny regardless hehe).

Sometimes I feel like before I can speak from an empowering place, I need to release things from my past and things I’ve been hard on myself about. I already feel freer after doing this practice. Mercury is direct again (ugh, finally!), but I learned a lot about myself during this past mercury retrograde and I’m so grateful for where my life is taking me.

Are there things you feel you need to forgive yourself for?

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