poem about u

There will be a day when I write a poem about u that’s reminiscent of my last, but today u are too soft and too sweet and too full of good for me to put u into the words I’ve used in my past.

emotional masochism

The soles of my shoes have become thin From hiking up that mountain I knew I couldn’t reach the top of, But I still hiked up anyways. My throat has gone hoarse From yelling at this brick wall I knew my voice wouldn’t reach the other side of, But I still yelled anyways. The umbrella

Intuitive Goodbye

I’m sorry, baby, but it was never about you. My heartbreak was never about you. My heart ached when you no longer desired my flowers and chocolates and the sweet nothings I sometimes still whisper into your ear. But I’m sorry, baby, it was never about you. My heart sighed that you no longer desired


I got up this morning to a surge of truth and love coming from my toes and reaching the top of my head I found home in my body and I think I am here to stay

Illusive Heaven

Apparently I am an adult. I pay my rent on time and I make my bed everyday. I am 19 years old but the weight on my shoulders feels like I’m 45, divorced, 2 kids, and probably wondering which turn was the wrong one. I allow myself 30 minutes between snoozing my alarms, but sometimes


There can be a cut, a scratch, a heartfelt slash in the thick, calloused skin of yours, penetrated delightfully into those well-built layers of your flesh. That bruised accumulation of cells you call a body evolved to heal. You can trust that it will grow its roots over your superficial wounds and keep you shaded

Night Air

there’s something special about the night everyone’s dreams eat you from the inside out they drift through your mind and flow like a silent stream making you hungry for something that you can only taste when the moon floats above your lofty head and sits upon you like a heavy weight standing on your shoulders