Spring Rituals

Happy spring season my friends! I can feel some big moves awaiting me in my near future and I’m excited to see where they take me. Now is the time for new beginnings, renewal, and even rebirth. Plant those seeds to manifest and grow into your present and future. Spring shows us the balance in

poem about u

There will be a day when I write a poem about u that’s reminiscent of my last, but today u are too soft and too sweet and too full of good for me to put u into the words I’ve used in my past.

emotional masochism

The soles of my shoes have become thin From hiking up that mountain I knew I couldn’t reach the top of, But I still hiked up anyways. My throat has gone hoarse From yelling at this brick wall I knew my voice wouldn’t reach the other side of, But I still yelled anyways. The umbrella

Intuitive Goodbye

I’m sorry, baby, but it was never about you. My heartbreak was never about you. My heart ached when you no longer desired my flowers and chocolates and the sweet nothings I sometimes still whisper into your ear. But I’m sorry, baby, it was never about you. My heart sighed that you no longer desired