Summer Is Coming and I’m not Ready

Pale, hairy legged, and stressed, I’m not ready for summer. I don’t even want to talk about the illusive “bikini body” everyone’s talking about because, lets be real, I’m not ready for that semi-nude part of summer either. I’m still in the part of my life where my perception of a calendar goes by semesters instead of actual years. I still get to have spring breaks and pretend like my summers are going to be relaxing. In reality, summers are stressful. There’s this skewed perception that you’ll have a grand ‘ole time, but in reality you are procrastinating more than ever when you should be looking for a dreadful 40 hour job, you’re getting sun burnt to a red blotchy crisp, and the lack of structure/routine is causing you to stay up to ungodly hours watching terrible Netflix shows. Then if you’re anything like me, you’ve filled all the extra time with some kind of environmentalism or social justice work, skewing your perception of “relaxing summer” even more. Exhibit A shown below of my friend Andrea and I, “working” on a Sierra Club Student Coalition summer program we’re helping create in Colorado this summer.Yeah we work on social and environmentalism in coffee shops in Denver

We drink coffee and tea like the egotistical millennials we are ;)

Things have gone down hill. I have yet to do any of my work and I haven’t had a haircut in months, but here I am. I used to joke about how long I could go without brushing my hair until it turns into cultural appropriation, but now that’s turning into a reality (BTW, if you don’t know why my hair dreading is problematic, check out this analysis of Beyoncé’s line “Becky with the good hair” from the song “Sorry” here). And I maybe have a job??? But I’m not sure. I’m broke, I somehow still have a yoga membership that I never use, and my friend somehow convinced me to start religiously going to the gym. AKA my life is a mess! I guess that’s just what summer’s all about as a college student. Am I bitter of the semi-acquaintances I have from school who are off sitting on the beach in Hawaii or at a spa in Nepal? Of course! But I also love Colorado, I love the work I’m doing, and I love my friends who take me to cool cafes in Denver. I hope you have a perfectly dysfunctional summer like me because maybe that’s the way to go in life.