The Wellness Podcast I’ve Been Waiting For – Stronger

I’ve recently been pretty upset with the wellness, spirituality, and self-help community. To me, it’s been turned into a competition, filled with ego, just a bunch of fads, and another way to be exclusive. This is a community that’s supposed to, in my opinion, embody inclusivity, and provide heart-opening and validating practices. Many articles I see on health and wellness blogs or magazines have posts and articles with titles like “The Only 5 Ways You Can Feel Enlightened”, “If You’re Feeling Sluggish, Here’s The Essential Oils You Need“, or my least favorite title “You’re Not A True Yogi If You Don’t Do These Things”. All of these articles can exclude certain individuals, for example, I used to find myself reading these articles and saying to myself “Wait, am I not a true yogi because I don’t own something from [enter some new hip athleisure clothing brand] or know how to do [enter some advanced yoga pose]?”. Like what does being a “true yogi” even mean? I was under the impression it just meant you regularly practiced yoga. Now I’m careful to stay away from or take with a grain of salt media titled with anything that says its content holds the only way to do something or says I need some particular material items. Similarly, another experience I’ve had is people telling me whether or not I’m “enlightened” (I literally just groaned at the thought of this) because of my current choice of spirituality or my thoughts on the meaning of life. Frankly, I’ve been that person pushing my own beliefs on others too, but I’ve learned that these things are so personal to each individual. It’s fine to share something I’m excited about with another, but it’s not my business or my job to tell them they should practice or believe this specific belief system, practice, or ritual. I’m not alone in feeling excluded from certain practices because I didn’t fit these molds or some parts of this community not feeling quite right, but luckily some conversations are popping up that could support our understanding of what feels right in our minds and bodies.

An amazing new podcast released its first episode today that captured my feelings and validated many of the criticisms I’ve had about this community. This podcast is called Stronger by LIVESTRONG.COM and is hosted by Sr. Editor Michelle Vartan. The episode had the author Danielle LaPorte on the first episode and I was BLOW AWAY by their conversation as they talk about their incredibility important criticisms of this community and how to navigate the parts that could be taking advantage of you by genuinely listening to your body. When LaPorte says, “A real healer takes other people up with them” oh boy, oh boy, ohhhh boy, did this statement resonate with me. So many people come into this community looking to feel well and great and to find ways to live a life with vitality and resiliency, but we get so desperate to find the answers we can get lost consuming media or following trends that don’t ultimately align with our goals. Maybe we’ve been listening to some self-proclaimed “gurus” and/or we forget to listen to what are own bodies are truly telling us. Well, when I listened to this podcast, it just felt gosh darn good and pieced some thoughts together for me.

Like I always say, take with you what resonates, and throw out the rest!

If anything I’ve said has been on your mind, you’re new to the wellness/spirituality community, or you’re looking for a new podcast to listen to (or you want to start listening to podcasts!), you should totally check out Stronger! And, hey, maybe you like the current state of this community, and that’s totally cool too, my dudes! Like I always say, take with you what resonates, and throw out the rest!

I’ve listed the links to the podcast and Danielle LaPorte’s website below!

[link] LIVESTRONG.COM – Stronger – hosted by Sr. Editor Michelle Vartan

[link] Danielle LaPorte’s Website

Happy conscious media consuming!