Spring Rituals

Happy spring season my friends! I can feel some big moves awaiting me in my near future and I’m excited to see where they take me. Now is the time for new beginnings, renewal, and even rebirth. Plant those seeds to manifest and grow into your present and future. Spring shows us the balance in ours lives and in nature by giving us longer days of sun after a dark period of winter. With these longer days, we get to witness the blooming of new flowers and vegetation, new love for others and ourselves, and definitely new adventures.

remember to take bubble baths when you can

I always like to do small rituals to welcome in the new seasons and I will give you some ideas of how you can welcome in the new season as well:

  • take a cleansing bath or shower and imagine all the remnants of winter washing off of you
  • journal about your passions, dreams, and future goals – use colorful pens and pencils for added fun!
  • meditate outside or take a mindful walk to reacquaint yourself with your environment
  • pick or buy some fresh flowers (but don’t go stealing your neighbors flowers! consent is key!)
  • drink a cup of floral herbal tea like lavender, jasmine, or chamomile tea – maybe even add some local raw honey!
  • get creative! paint, draw, make something with your hands, or even bake something
  • eat foods that are seasonal and local
  • clean! (obviously!)

These are just a few ways I like to welcome in the new season. Just like our thoughts and patterns from the last season, keep whatever resonates with you, and throw out the rest! Good luck to fellow students heading back to school from spring break. I hope you feel rejuvenated and are ready to learn about some super rad school stuff!

Cherry blossoms blooming in the Japanese Tea Garden, San Francisco

[If you’d like to see a cheat sheet I made for Eostre or the Spring Equinox it’s linked in this tweet]